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Pricing is for a single item for a single day.    Discount available for larger packages of equipment or multi-day hire.   

1 week charged at 3x the day rate.

Powered (Active) Speakers - Includes in-built amplifier

ROLAND BA-330 Portable Stereo PA system

Complete battery powered portable PA system for voice or music.

In-built mixer accepts 2 mics, 2 instruments and AUX.

System includes speaker stand, one cabled microphone w' mic stand and AUX lead.


battery, portable, pa system, busker, amp

ALTO Truesonic TS112W 12” powered speaker with Bluetooth

Stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device such as iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone or Laptop. Mains power required.

Two speakers are required for stereo.

Two mic/line inputs.  400W continuous.

Speaker stand and power lead included.  



Active, powered, PA, speaker, bluetooth, hire, adelaide

RCF ART-310A 350W 10" powered 2-way speaker

Compact professional box with clear highs and good bass. Recommended for weddings, corporate functions and special events requiring a discreet PA system for clear speech and background music.  

XLR (Cannon) input connection only, not suitable for use with iPods without a mixing desk.

Speaker stand and power lead included.  


RCF ART-325A 400W 15" powered 2-way speaker

Very powerful 15" box with old-school (heavy) in-built power amp. Equivalent output to some new lightweight speakers claiming 1000W power rating. Large 2" compression driver for the highs. These make a great band or DJ PA system when used together with ART-705AS subs.

400W, 45Hz-20kHz, 129dB Max, 90°x60° coverage

68cm (H), 40.5cm (W), 34.5cm (D), 24kg


RCF ART-705AS 800W 15" powered subwoofer

Compact 15" sub recommended for Bands or DJ's when pole mounted with ART-325A top boxes. (One sub needed for each top box). Modified to accept M20 style pole mount.

800W, selectable crossover frequency, 130dB max,

59cm (H), 43.5cm (W), 60cm (D), 37kg


Quest QM450A 12" 450W powered speaker

Powered multi-purpose speaker system. Ideal for use as a compact FOH PA system or foldback monitor wedge.

450W, 60-18kHz (+/-3dB). Max SPL @1m 129.5dB

62cm (H), 34.6cm (W), 38cm (D), 20kg

$45.00+GST Quest QM450A 12"/1" 450W powered 2-way speaker

RCF 4-Pro 3002SMA 400W 12" powered foldback monitor wedge

Purpose designed foldback monitor wedge with great detail, recommended for trained lead singers and front-line use. 12" woofer, 2" tweeter.

400W, 45Hz-20kHz, 130dB

41.4cm (H), 41cm (W), 56.3cm (D), 25.4kg


Turbosound Milan M15  1100W 15" powered speaker 

Large box with crisp highs and great bass extension. The best option for DJ's playing house parties without subs. Two wired mic/line inputs.

40Hz-20kHz, 130dB SPL, 90°x60° coverage.  

71.9cm (H), 45.7cm (W), 36.8cm (D), 27.7kg

Speaker stand or pole mount included.

$60.00+GST turbosound, milan, m15, powered speaker, dj, band PA

JBL PRX715  15" 1500W powered speaker

The best choice for bands wanting a great sounding PA if subs are not an option.

42.9Hz-19.5kHz, 136dB Max SPL output, 90°x50° degree coverage. 

71.4cm (H), 44.5cm (W), 35.8cm (D), 21.6kg

Speaker stand or pole mount included.

$60.00+GST JBL, 15", vocal PA, DJ speaker, hire, adelaide

JBL PRX725 Double 15" 1500W powered speaker

42 Hz-18.5 kHz, 139dB Max SPL output, 90 x 50 degree coverage.

107cm (H), 44.5cm (W), 53.8cm (D), 37kg

Recommended for professional DJ's and Bands in conjunction with PRX-718 subs. (One sub for each top box)

$75.00+GST double 15, hire, band pa, dj pa, adelaide, sa

JBL PRX718-XLF  18" 1500W powered subwoofer

30-103 Hz, 134dB Max SPL output

69cm (H), 52.3cm (W), 72.4cm (D), 37kg

Recommended for professional DJ's and Bands.

M20 Pole mount available.

$75.00+GST sub hire, dj deck, woofer, dj speakers, pro

RCF 4-Pro 6001A powered 3-way speaker

Medium throw speaker, can be flown in pairs using the Line array lifting tower for larger outdoor events.

1900W peak, 950W RMS tri-amplification.

50Hz - 20kHz, 80x60 degree, 134dB max

2x12" LF, 1x8" MF, 1x1" HF.  92cm(H), 52.5cm(W), 55cm(D), 55kg

Use with one or two RCF 4-Pro 8001 subs per top box.


RCF 4-Pro 8001AS 18" powered subwoofer

Matching sub for the RCF 4-Pro 6001A top box.

800W RMS, selectable crossover frequency, 133dB max,

70cm (H), 52cm (W), 70cm (D), 54kg


AT Blackbird Composite Line Array

4 x CLA700A double line array cabinets

4 x LF3200A 18" powered subwoofer cabinets. 

25,600W system rating, 3-phase power supply recommended for optimal perfomance. Response: 30-20kHz, 215.6cm (H), 56cm (W), 64cm (D)

Additional boxes available - $75+GST per box

Line array rigging frame, link kit & soft sling - $22+GST

$600.00+GST CLA. line array, active, powered, PA, blackbird, speaker, sub, woofer, hire, adelaide, dual 18, double 18
Passive (Unpowered) Speakers - Requires external amplifier

Australian Monitor XRS12ODV 12”/2” passive speaker

Weatherproof design ideal for sporting and outdoor events. Safe to use in wet weather because there is no mains power connection.
300W rating at 8 ohms. Selectable 62.5W, 125W, 250W taps for 70/100V line applications.  Two (2) linked Speakon connections.  Weight 22kg

Mounting bracket available for mounting on street lighting poles.


Speakon Lead

Heavy duty 2.5mm² (13 AWG) twin core wire.

Available in lengths of 1, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 70 and 100m.

1,10,15m - $2+GST

20,30,40m - $5+GST

70,100m - $10+GST

speakon, speaker, lead, cable

QSC PL218 Amplifier

2 Channel, 1800W max


QSC PL236 Amplifier

2 Channel, 3600W max

SAE PCM13 Amplifier

2 Channel, 5400W max

$40.00+GST power amp, amplifier, hire, adelaide
Audio Mixing Desks

Mackie DFX-6 audio mixing desk   

4 MIC + 1 Stereo channel. 2 band channel EQ, Inbuilt FX, 5-band graphic EQ and one monitor send.


PreSonus AR8 Bluetooth enabled mixing desk

4 MIC + 1 Stereo channel.  3 band channel EQ, Inbuilt FX, one monitor send.

One-touch SD card stereo recording and playback.

Bluetooth enabled stereo channel.

$32.00+GST bluetooth mixer hire

Mackie ProFX-12 audio mixing desk   

6 MIC + 3 Stereo channels. 3 band channel EQ, Inbuilt FX, 7-band graphic EQ and one monitor send.

$32.00+GST mackie_profx12_mixer_hire_adelaide

Yamaha MG12XU audio mixing desk   

6 MIC + 2 STEREO channels, SPX digital multi effect processor, 1 aux (monitor) send, single knob compression on 4 mic inputs.

$32.00+GST mixer, mixing desk, audio, sound, hire, rent, adelaide

Yamaha MGP16X audio mixing desk  

10 MIC + 2 STEREO channels, single knob compression, 3 band channel EQ w' sweepable mid, PLF, 2 aux sends, 2 FX channels, 2 stereo groups, VOX priority ducker, music leveller feature.

The VOX priority ducker automatically mutes the background music while announcing, making this mixer the perfect choice for sporting events, fetes and carnivals.

Use with DBX 31 band EQ and Compressor rack below.


Allen & Heath PA20 audio mixing desk 

16 MIC + 2 STEREO channels, 3 band EQ with sweepable mid, PFL, 2 aux (monitor) sends, single channel FX.

Use with DBX 31 band EQ and Compressor rack below.


Yamaha MG32/14FX audio mixing desk

24 MIC + 4 STEREO & talkback channels, Dual SPX digital effects (one with Tap tempo delay). 3 band EQ with sweepable mid, PFL, 4 aux (monitor) sends, 4 sub-groups.

Use with DBX 31 band EQ and Compressor rack below.

$66.00+GST 32CH mixing desk hire adelaide

Dual dBX 31 Band EQ and Compressor rack 

Dual EQ for Aux send 1 & 2, dual EQ for FOH L & R wired through dBX 266XL compressor/gate. An essential peice of kit when using an analogue mixing desk for serious band mixing.

Requires sound engineer or experienced musician to setup correctly.

$30.00+GST dbx, eq, compressor, outboard gear, hire, adelaide

PreSonus StudioLive 16.4.2 Digital Mixing Desk

16 MIC + 2 STEREO & talkback channels, 2 inbuilt FX channels, HPF, Gating, Limiting, Compression and 4-band semi-parametric EQ on every channel, 4 sub-groups, 6 aux (monitor) sends.

Requires sound engineer or experienced musician to setup correctly.

$85.00+GST studiolive-a__71052_zoom

PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2 Digital Mixing Desk

24 MIC + 2 STEREO & talkback channels, 2 inbuilt FX channels, HPF, Gating, Limiting, Compression and 4-band parametric EQ on every channel, 4 sub-groups, 10 aux (monitor) sends.

Requires sound engineer or experienced musician to setup correctly.

PreSonus StudioLive RM32Ai Rackmount Mixer and CS18Ai Control Surface with flying faders

32 MIC + 1 STEREO & talkback channels, 4 inbuilt FX sends. 15 x 31-band graphic EQ's. HPF, Gating, Limiting, Compression and 4-band parametric EQ on every channel, 8 Mute groups,  L/R & mono outputs, 16 (aux) mix outputs.

System suplied with 30m of Cat5 cable, AVB switch and wireless router.

Ideal FOH mixing console if operated by an experienced sound engineer.

$150.00+GST mixing desk, digital desk, hire, rent, adelaide
PreSonus SW5E AVB Switch

Used with PreSonus Mixers, EarMix and Stageboxes to provide audio transport over the Cat5/6 network. Includes 4 ports of PoE (Power over Ethernet)

$25.00+GST AVB switch, router, hire, adelaide
Midas M32 Digital Mixer flying faders

32 I/P, 16 O/P and too many features to list!

Can be used stand alone or with the optional DL32 Stage Box below.

Supplied in roadcase, 113cm high (incl wheels) x 70cm wide x 34cm deep.

Ideal FOH mixing console if operated by an experienced sound engineer.

$150.00+GST digital mixer, sound board, sound engineer, Midas, M32
Midas DL32 Digital Mixer Stage Box

32 I/P, 16 O/P and global mute feature.

Supplied with rack mount case and 50m EtherCon cable.

$50.00+GST digital mixer, stage box
DJ & Recording Gear

Pioneer CDJ-2000NXS / DJM-900NXS DJ decks

Two (2) Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus players and DJM-900 Nexus mixer

Supplied in coffin case with cables.

Laptop support shelf available on request.

$170.00+GST DJ hire adelaide, dj decks, pioneer decks, CDJ hire

Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Serato Controller

Performance DJ Controller with dedicated slider road case.

4-Channel Performance DJ Controller Designed for Serato® DJ

Dedicated buttons for Serato FLIP

Updated Jog Wheel with "Hot Cue Countdown"

Multi-Colored, Velocity Sensitive Performance Pads

$150.00+GST Serato controller, midi controller, hire, adelaide, dj gear, DDJ hire

Megadeck DJ Table / OP's Riser

1800 x 600mm, plenty of space for four (4) Pioneer CDJ's and DJM mixer 

$80.00+GST DJ Table, DJ Stage, riser, op's, hire, rent, adelaide

Pioneer CDJ-2000 CD/USB Multi-Player

Professional Multi Player

Multi format playback: MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF audio files on CD, DVD-ROM, SD Card and USB memory devices.

$60.00+GST dj hire adelaide, dj decks, pioneer, cdj-2000

Pioneer DJM-850 DJ mixer

Professional 4 channel mixer with effects.

Traktor Scratch Certified.

$60.00+GST dj decks hire, pioneer, djm, cdj

Technics SL-1200 MkIII

Industry standard direct drive turntable with road case and Ortofon cartridge.

$40.00+GST turntable hire adelaide

Denon DN-X120 DJ Mixer

Professional 2 channel DJ mixer for CD or Turntable. VCA controlled crossfader with contour adjustment.  Balanced 6.5mm TRS outputs.

Inputs:  2 Line, 2 Phono/Line switchable, 1 Microphone.

With road case.

$40.00+GST DJ mixer, battle mixer, crossfader, hire adelaide

Sennheiser HD25 DJ Headphones

Light weight, high sensitivity closed back style headphones that offer superior performance in loud environments making these headphones popular with DJ's, cameramen and working sound professionals.

$10.00+GST dj headphones sennheiser hd25 hire adelaide

Presonus Audiobox iTwo Studio bundle

Complete USB based 2 channel recording kit and audio/MIDI interface.

​Includes, USB powered interface, software, M7 large diaphragm condenser microphone and headphones.

$50.00+GST sound recording, audio recording, USB sound card, studio,rent, adelaide

Presonus Eris E5 Studio Monitors

5.25" Kevlar low-frequency driver, 1" silk-domed tweeter.  45W+35W, Class AB amplifiers.


per Pair

near-field monitor, studio monitor, rent, adelaide
Wireless Microphones & In Ear Monitors

Shure SLX Beta58 Cordless Handheld Mic System

General purpose cordless mic system. The proven Beta58 super-cardioid handheld mic transmitter and true diversity receiver delivers clear sound and reliable wireless communications.

$65.00+GST roving, roving mic,

Shure PSM-300 'IEM' In Ear Monitoring System

Used by musicians to hear themselves on stage as an alternative to foldback monitor speakers. The PSM300 system includes the P3RA bodypack receiver, which features durable aluminium construction and advanced audio controls. The system comes with SE215CL Sound Isolating™ Earphones for detailed sound, enhanced bass and up to 37 dB of isolation.

$80.00+GST shure, IEM, in-ears, belt pack, monitor

Sennheiser EW100 945G3 Wireless Handheld Mic System

Premium cordless mic system for high quality lead vocal applications. The 945 handheld transmitter is built around a proven high quality dynamic microphone with a super-cardioid polar pattern. The true diversity receiver ensures reliable wireless communication with no drop-outs.

$80.00+GST cordless, wireless, vocal mic, professional, roving, roving mic

Sennheiser EM100/SK100G3 Skintone Headset Mic System

Premium system for high quality stage and theatre applications. 

Includes slimline skintone headset with omnidirectional pickup pattern.

Can be fitted with black ME-3 cardioid headset if required.

$80.00+GST skin tone headset belt pack hire adelaide

Sennheiser EW172 Wireless Guitar System

Premium system for cordless guitar or instrument. 

$80.00+GST wireless, guitar sender, hire, adelaide

Sennheiser XSW-35 Wireless Handheld Mic System

General speech and announcements. The 835 cardioid handheld mic and true diversity receiver delivers clear sound and reliable wireless communications.  The conveniently located mute switch gives on/off control back to the presenter, making this microphone ideal for intermittent announcement work such as sporting carnivals, fetes and fairs etc.


cordless, handheld, microphone, hire, rent, Adelaide, roving, roving mic,

Sennheiser XSW-52 Wireless Headset Mic System

Easy to use ME-3 cardioid headset mic, beltpack transmitter and true diversity receiver for crystal clear sound and reliable wireless communications.

Ideal for presenters who need a hands-free mic for live cooking demonstrations or similar.

Can be fitted with skin-tone headset for budget theatrical applications.

$55.00+GST cordless, headset, beltpack, microphone, hire, rent, Adelaide, roving, roving mic, madonna mic

Sennheiser XSW-12 Wireless Lapel Mic System

ME2-2 clip-on mic, beltpack transmitter and true diversity receiver for high speech intelligibility.

Recommended for broadcast and recorded sound applications.

$55.00+GST lavalier, lapel, microphone, hire, Adelaide

Sennheiser XSW-72 Wireless Guitar Sender

Economical belt pack transmitter, jack lead and true diversity receiver for reliable connection for guitar or instrument.

$55.00+GST cordless, guitar sender, hire, adelaide

Sennheiser EW-112 P G3 Wireless Lapel Mic System

EK 100 G3 Camera-Mountable Receiver, SK 100 G3 Bodypack Transmitter and ME 2 Clip-on Lavalier (Lapel) Mic.

Recommended for ENG, O/B, TV and field recording applications.

Frequency Range (B) 626-668 MHz


ENG, broadcast, lapel mic, video mic, cordless, wireless, hire, rent, adelaide

Sennheiser Antenna Paddles & Splitter

Long range directional antenna system designed to ensure reliable communications free of drop-outs over a large area such as a football field.  The splitter unit allows one pair of paddles to be connected to four wireless receivers.

$50.00+GST wireless, paddle, paddles, directional, antenna

LINE 6 Relay G10 Wireless Guitar Sender

Simple, easy to use cordless guitar sender unit for guitar or bass.

$55.00+GST wireless guitar sender cordless

ALTO Stereo Wireless Link

Add wireless audio connectivity to any active loudspeaker.

Approximately 60m range.

Reliable UHF band: 16 selectable channels.

Professional XLR connections.

Wired Vocal Microphones

Shure SM58 Dynamic Vocal Mic

The most popular mic for live close vocals.  Cardioid pick-up pattern.

Recommended for male singers.


Shure BETA 58A Dynamic Vocal Mic

High output mic for live close vocals.  Supercardioid pick-up pattern.

Recommended for speech and female singers.


Sennheiser e845s Dynamic Vocal Mic

High quality switched mic for live close vocals.  Supercardioid pick-up pattern.

includes mic stand mounting clip.

$10.00+GST sennheiser, microphone, hire, adelaide

Miscellaneous Microphones ...

Rode M1, AKG D2002, AKG D880, AKG D5, Beyer Dynamic TGV71D, Beyer Dynamic Opus 81, CAD C195, Mann M11 pencil condenser

Limited quantities available.


RODE M5 Pencil Condenser

Professional small-diaphragm condenser microphone for choir and general sound reinforcement duties. Cardioid pick-up pattern. Includes clip and wind shield if required.

Ideal live choir mic, drum overhead or percussion.


RODE NT4 Pencil Condenser

Stereo X-Y condenser microphone for choir and general sound reinforcement duties. Cardioid pick-up pattern. Includes clip and wind shield if required.

Ideal live choir mic, drum overhead or percussion.

$30.00+GST stereo mic, rode, NT4, NT-4, X-Y, stereo pair, hire adelaide

AKG C451 Pencil Condenser matched pair

Matched pair of high quality small-diaphragm condenser microphone for recording or premium sound reinforcement. Cardioid pick-up pattern, 75/150Hz high-pass filter, -10/-20dB pad. Includes clip, wind shield and X-Y mounting bridge.

Premium choir mic, drum overhead or percussion.  



hire choir mic adelaide

sE Electronics sE-4400a Condenser

Versatile dual diaphragm condenser microphone with cardioid, hyper cardioid, Omni or Figure-8 polar patterns, 20-20,000Hz, 142dB maximum SPL, includes shock mount.  Switchable 60/120 Hz HPF and -10/-20dB pre-attenuation pad.

4 units available.


Audio Technica AT-4050/LE Studio Condenser

Large diaphragm studio condenser microphone with dual membrane capsule, three switchable polar patterns, 20-18,000Hz, switchable 80Hz hi-pass filter and 10dB pad, includes AT8449 shock mount, wooden case.

$40.00+GST AT4050-LE

Instrument Mics and DI Box

Shure SM57

Cardioid dynamic instrument mic for snare drum, guitar amp, brass etc.

Clip available for mounting on snare drum rim.


Shure Beta 57A

Supercardioid dynamic microphone.

$10.00+GST shure_beta_57a

AudioTechnica ATM350 clip-on Sax mic

Cardioid condenser instrument mic.

Violin mount available.

$18.00+GST clip-on, saxophone, violin, microphone

Shure Beta 91A Kick drum mic

Premium quality boundary effect condenser microphone designed for use inside a kick drum

EQ switch for flat or scooped frequency response.


AKG D112 Kick drum mic

High quality dynamic kick drum mic.


JTS JM-X2 Kick drum mic

Budget dynamic kick drum mic.


Sennheiser E604 Tom mic

Clip-on dynamic mic ideal for floor and rack toms.  Can also be used for the snare drum.

$10.00+GST sennheiser, drum mic, tom mic, clip-on mic, microphone, hire, adelaide

RODE M5 Pencil condenser

Professional small-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone suitable for drum overhead or hi-hat miking. Includes clip and wind shield if required.

Leon Audio Active DI $10.00+GST
ART Xdirect Active DI $10.00+GST art_xdirect_hire_adelaide

Behringer DI100 Ultra-DI

Used to connect an instrument with a jack output such as a guitar or keyboard to the microphone input of your mixing desk using a standard 3-pin XLR (microphone) lead.

Essential if the mixing desk is to be operated from FOH (Front of House) position using a multicore 'snake'.  One DI required per instrument or two per keyboard for stereo.

Processing, EQ & Effects

TC Electronic M350 Dual Engine Reverb & Effects   

Great sounding Delay and Reverb unit with easy access to every parameter via the front panel controls.  No menus to navigate (the display on the right hand side is just for saving and recalling presets but doesn't need to be used at all)

$15.00+GST delay and reverb, hire

dBX 231XL Dual 31 Band EQ

Used with analogue mixing desks to 'ring-out' potential feedback frequencies. Can be used as an 'insert' on one particular mic channel or over a Aux send or FOH channel. 

$15.00+GST 31 band eq, hire
dBX 266XL Dual Compressor/Gate $10.00+GST

Behringer Composer Pro

MDX2200 Dual compressor/limiter/gate.

$10.00+GST audio compressor, audio gate, audio limiter, hire adelaide

Behringer Multicom Pro-XL

MDX4600 Quad compressor/limiter/gate.


Behringer Multigate Pro   

XR4400 Quad audio gate with adjustable sidechain key filter.

$10.00+GST multigate pro, audio gate, hire, adelaide

Behringer Powerplay Pro-XL

HA4700 Four channel headphone amplifier.

$15.00+GST headphone amp, hire, adelaide
Peavey VSX Electronic Crossover $10.00+GST crossover hire
Phonic DFX256 Effects Processor $10.00+GST
Behringer Shark DSP110 Feedback Destroyer and Delay Unit $10.00+GST
Audio-Technica Mic Combiner $10.00+GST
Stands and Accessories

Mic Stand - Tall Boom

Available in Black or Chrome.

Microphone clip not included.



Mic Stand - Straight 

Round Cast base - Black

Microphone clip not included.



Mic Stand - Short Boom

Used for miking kick drum, guitar cabinets and some cultural groups who perform seated on floor rugs.

Microphone clip not included.


High Rise Choir/Studio/Video Mic Stand

Height: 159-234cm

Boom Length: 124-222cm

Weight: 8.2kg

Microphone clip not included.

$20.00+GST high rise mic stand, choir mic stand, video mic stand, studio mic stand

Mic Stand - Banquet

Microphone clip not included 


Mic Stand - Desk

Microphone clip not included 

$3.00+GST desk, mic, microphone, stand, small

Stereo Microphone Holder

Ideal for mounting pencil condenser microphones in X-Y or coincident pair configuration. 

Microphone clip not included 

$3.00+GST stereo mic bracket

5 Mic Holder Bracket

For holding microphones when not in use.

Microphone clip not included 

$3.00+GST Five_mic_holder_bracket_hire_adelaide

Lightweight Speaker Stand 

35mm spigot

Recommended for 8", 10" & 12" PA speakers only.


Medium Winch-up Speaker Stand

2.2m winch-up stand with 35mm spigot

Maximum load: 50kg

Recommended for the larger 15" PA speakers.


Tall Winch-up Speaker Stand

3.5m winch-up stand with 35mm spigot

Maximum load: 45kg

Stand weight: 10.4kg

Base radius 0.92m

$15.00+GST winchup speaker stand

Adjustable Distance Pole

Mounts a satellite speaker box above a sub woofer.

Suits sub woofers with 35mm top hat fitting.

$5.00+GST PA_system_distance_rod_hire_adelaide

K&M M20 Distance Rod

M20 pole mount to mount a top box above a sub woofer.  88cm

Suits sub woofers with an M20 threaded fitting.


K&M Double Fork Bracket 

For mounting two small speakers on the one stand.


Indoor Line Array Lifter

Winch operated speaker riser with folding stand and removable base.  Can be used equally well with line arrays or conventional point source boxes (if fitted with suitable rigging points).

Height 4.0m, width 1.37m (span 914mm), weight 50kg, load rating 272kg.

(Speakers not included)

$100+GST winch-up stand, speaker riser, hire, adelaide, VMB tower lift

Line Array Lifting Tower

WORK WT-500 Pro lifter.  Winch operated speaker riser with telescopic column and collapsible base.  Can be used equally well with line arrays or conventional point source boxes (if fitted with suitable rigging points).

Height 5.98m, width 1.93m, weight 152kg, load rating 270kg.

(Speakers not included)

Tip:  experienced audio engineers know that speaker height is the key to improved audience coverage for larger events. Simple speaker stands or ground stacking methods are often used for convenience, but by raising the height of the top boxes well above the audience, these towers will ensure a better balance of loudness throughout the venue, allowing all patrons to enjoy the show no matter where they are standing. It is no understatement that these simple stands can make the difference between a very ordinary show and a great production.



speaker tower, line array lifter, lifting tower winch-up, VMB tower lift

AW502 Line Array Adaptor

Bridging piece for use with WT-500 line-array lifter above. Provides the necessary rigging points for either line arrays or conventional point source boxes.

Suitable for models:  WT-500, WT-550 & LW-480

free with WT-500 line-array lifter hire adelaide

XLR Mic/Signal Lead

Balanced shielded 2-core cable.  Neutrik or Amphenol connectors.

Available in lengths of 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9, 10, 15, 20, 30, 50m.

1-15m - $2+GST

20,30m - $5+GST

50m - $10+GST

mic lead, cannon plug, hire, adelaide

EWI Multicore snake reeled

32 XLR sends and 8 XLR returns, 30.5m


EWI Multicore snake and stage box

16 XLR sends and 4 XLR returns, 30.5m and 45.7m lengths available.

$30.00+GST multicore, snake, stage box, hire, Adelaide

Hosa Multicore snake and stage box

Hosa Pro-Conex SH-16X4-100 modified for all XLR connectors.

16 XLR sends and 4 XLR returns, 30.5m

$25.00+GST multicore snake stage box

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