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Pricing is for a single item for a single day.    Discount available for larger packages of equipment or multi-day hire.   

1 week charged at 3x the day rate.

Event Lighting

Clipsal Festoon Light string and globes, 16m length 

Genuine old style 25W warm white globes (not energy efficient or LEDs). This is a professional unit with stainless steel support cable and 20 globes on a 0.8m spacing. Can be connected together for longer lengths. Two strings recommended for backyard parties, and at least 4-5 strings for wedding receptions.

PDF Festoon Light installation instructions

(Picture shows an installation using more than one length)

Delivery & Installation available for weddings and corporate functions. 


Delivery, installation & removal extra

festoon, event lighting, string lights, hire, install, adelaide, weddings

Rustic Wrought Iron Spike Pole

2.8m lamp hang height.  Ideal for use with festoon string lights or other decorations.

2 piece construction2.4m length when packed down.

Uses chain supports (supplied) to ground pegs or nearby structure.

$22.00+GST lighting, pole, spike, wrought iron, event lighting, rustic wedding

Fairy Light String (Bud Lighting)

Warm white for a classic elegant look. Supplied on an easy to use reel, the clear cabling adapts to match the colour of it's surroundings. Operates from mains power using a 24V plug pack unit for extra safety (supplied). Continuous on only - no annoying flashing effects.

Our reels of 3x100m strings wound together are a quick, convenient way of adding that 'wow' factor to any special event.

50m  $35.00+GST

100m  $45.00+GST

3x100m  $120+GST

fairy light, bud lighting, string light, wedding lights

Heritage Pendant Lamp Dropper

Antique brass lampholder and cloth covered cord in a heritage plum colour. Supplied with either Round or Pear (tear drop) shaped Edison globes.   Cord Length 2.6m, with standard 3-pin plug.

$18.00+GST edison, globe, hire, rent, light, bulb, wedding, event lighting

Philips Strand Single Channel Dimmer

Professional 240V 10A dimming unit ideal for festoon lighting.

Manual slider, remote slider or DMX control.

A 'must have' accessory when using festoon lighting inside a marquee.

$18.00+GST light dimmer, lamp dimmer, fader, hire, adelaide, event lighting

Mirrorball 16" & Rotator

40cm classic '70's disco ball.  Use together with a pair of PAR 36 pinspots to get the full effect.

Smaller 12" and 8" sizes also available.


Mirrorball 24" & Rotator

60cm huge '70's disco ball.  Use together with a pair of PAR 36 pinspots or profile spots to get the full effect.  This is big and heavy!  Make sure you have at least a metre or so headroom above the reach of the tallest person.


Mirrorball Motor DMX controlled

LMM-400DMX professional DMX controllable mirror ball motor, designed to support up to 40" mirror ball (40kg max).

DMX control includes variable speed and reverse direction.

Can be used manually if needed.


mirrorball motor, dmx, speed, variable, hire, adelaide, rotator

PAR 36 Pinspot & gel

Ideal for lighting mirrorballs.

Stage Lighting

Event Lighting ProPAR 5*8W RGBW LED DMX Light 

Compact 4-in-1 LED light with Red/Green/Blue/White channels.

Medium narrow 22° soft edge beam angle and fan-less design makes this light ideal for spot highlights, as a truss warmer or wall up-light.

DMX control or Auto Sound activated. 

24 units available

$15.00+GST ProPAR, LED, slimpar, event light, stage light, spot, wash, hire, adelaide

Event Lighting ProPAR 12*12W RGBWAU LED DMX Light

Versatile 6-in-1 LED light with Red/Green/Blue/White/Amber/UV channels.

Medium 30° soft edge beam angle and fan-less design makes this light ideal for a variety of DJ and stage lighting applications.

DMX control or Auto Sound activated. 

16 units available

$18.00+GST slimpar, LED, spot light, flood light, event lighting, stage light, hire, rent

Event Lighting PixBAR 12x12W RGBWAU LED DMX Bar Light

Next generation LED bar light with DMX control offers individual pixel control as well as impressive wash and up-lighting effects.

1.03m with 12 x 12W RGBWAU light sources, 30 degree beam.

12 units available

$20.00+GST LED bar light, up-light, uplight, wall washer, pixel bar

Event Lighting F2X48 Fresnel White LED DMX

Compact well engineered white fresnel stage light with barn doors and adjustable colour temperature - variable from 2700K to 5700K.  CRI 95

Manual zoom 20°-50° soft edge beam angle and fan-less design makes this light ideal for stage lighting, photographic and video applications.

DMX control or Manual activation. 

12 units available

$18.00+GST led, white, colour temperature, stage, photographic, video

100W Warm White COB LED DMX PAR Light

Efficient warm white 100W LED light with DMX or manual control.

The wide flood beam is ideal for use as a general purpose wash for seminars and corporate stages and lighting of trade show booths.

16 units available

$15.00+GST stage light, event lighting, spotlight, wash light, hire, rent, adelaide

Fresnel Spot 200W LED DMX Stage Light

200W warm white COB LED, 3200K colour temp, 15-55° manual zoom, DMX control. Adjustable barn doors for beam control.

8 units available.

$30.00+GST spotlight, event lighting, fresnel

Event Lighting LED Profile Zoom 100W LED

Compact 100W warm white COB LED, 3000K colour temp, 12-19° manual zoom, DMX or manual control. Adjustable shutters for edge cropping.

2 units available.

$30.00+GST spotlight, dmx,

Profile Spotlight 200W LED DMX Stage Light

200W cool white + warm white, fixed 19 degree spotlight with 2 channel DMX CW/WW control. Adjustable shutters for edge cropping.

Can be used as a simple follow-spot at close range (6.7m, 8m or 10m) by using one of 3 circle reduction gobos supplied. Requires optional tripod stand (available separately).

4 lights available, 2 follow-spot stands.


Light only


Follow-spot Stand

spotlight, fresnel, gobo,

SDV Warrior LED Scanner FX Intelligent Light

Intense bright light beams. 8 colours and 8 gobos. Can be sound activated to run automatically, slaved to a second unit or DMX controlled from your lighting desk.  High power 50W white LED light source. Best used in conjunction with a hazer unit.

2 units available.

SDV Warrior Scan video

$30.00+GST moving mirror, dj light, hire adelaide, lighting, disco

Event Lighting Saber Effect Light

Creates laser like beams that move automatically with the mood of the music. Best mounted behind the DJ facing out to the crowd.  Auto or DMX control. Best used in conjunction with a hazer unit.

4 units available.

Event Lighting Saber video

$30.00+GST derby, disco light, hire, adelaide

American DJ H2O Pro LED Waterwave Effect Light

Projects a constantly moving waterwave type effect onto any wall, ceiling or dance floor.  Add interest to any unsightly blank wall.  

New high power 50W LED light source.

2 units available.

$30.00+GST waterwave effect light projector hire rent adelaide wall wash

F.A.L. Opera Follow Spot & stand

Professional high power follow-spot with 1200W discharge lamp for theatrical and corporate applications. Includes colour changer, iris and mechanical dimmer. 7°-12° beam angle. 20-30m throw.


DTS XR-5 Moving Head Spot

250W spot light, 14° beam angle, Philips MSD 250/2 discharge lamp, colour wheel, gobos & strobe. DMX-512 control, 20kg


Moving Head Beam Light

230W beam light, 4° beam width, MSD 5R discharge lamp, colour wheel, gobos & strobe. DMX-512 control, 16kg

$65.00+GST Moving_head_beam_light_200W_2R, scanner, hire

Event Lighting M1S180W Moving Head Spot

180W white LED with prism, colour wheel and gobos. 12° beam angle. DMX-512 control. 14kg



moving head, spotlight, spot, hire, adelaide

Moving Head Wash Light

12x10W RGBW LED with DMX-512 control. 

$45.00+GST moving head wash light hire adelaide

Light Emotion P64LEDC

Simple 3 channel DMX-512 controller for RGB LED Par cans and White LED lights.

Can also be used to control most 2 channel DMX strobe lights.

$10.00+GST light_emotion_p64ledc

Chauvet OBEY 4 LED Lighting Controller

Control RGBW LED lights via DMX-512.  Works with our ProPAR 5*8W RGBW lights. Ideal for setting basic colour schemes.


Chauvet OBEY 6 LED Lighting Controller

Control RGBWAU LED lights via DMX-512.  Works with our LED PAR 12*15W RGBAW or ProPAR 12*12W RGBWAU lights.  Ideal for bands and DJ lighting.


Chauvet OBEY 40 D-Fi DMX Lighting Controller

Control D-Fi compatible LED lights via wired or wireless DMX-512.  Control up to 12 different types of lights of 16 channels max. Stores scenes and chases for playback.  Dedicated fog and strobe controls for compatible Chauvet products.

$30.00+GST Chauvet, dmx, event lighting hire

Jands Stage CL LED DMX-512 Lighting Desk

12 channel lighting desk designed for LED lighting fixtures and conventional dimmer channels. Ideal for small stage productions and concerts.

Extensive colour picking, pattern and chase facilities built in.



LSC Mantra Lite DMX-512 Lighting Control Desk

24 channel lighting desk for moving head lights, LED lighting and conventional dimmer channels.

$65.00+GST lighting desk, dmx, moving light, lighting controller, hire, adelaide

LSC Mantra Lite Wing

Used with the Mantra Lite console to expand it to 32 fixture channels, 20 playback scene faders and provide an extra DMX universe.

$35.00+GST 32ch lighting desk

Chauvet DataStream 4 DMX-512 Optical Splitter

The Data Stream™ 4 is a universal DMX-512 optical splitter designed to distribute the incoming DMX signal, in daisy chain configurations, into four separate outputs with an additional “thru” port.

  • One input to four outputs (3-pin and 5-pin)
  • Additional thru output (3-pin and 5-pin) (for linking to other Data Streams)
  • Electrical isolation between input and output
$10.00+GST dmx splitter hire adelaide rent

ACME 4CH DMX-512 Switch Pack

Allows older lighting fixtures to be remotely controlled using the DMX-512 system.  Requires a DMX lighting desk such as the Chauvet Obey4 to form a complete functioning system.

$10.00+GST DMX 4ch switch

Botex 4Ch DMX-512 Dimmer Bar

Provides physical mounting and dimming for 4 incandescent/halogen light fixtures and allows control via DMX-512.   10A total loading.

Can be used as a T-bar on winch-up lighting stands or hung using hook clamps from an existing lighting bar.

Stands and Accessories

Light-duty Lighting Stand and "T" Bar 

1.5 - 3.6m push-up tripod stand with 25mm spigot

Maximum rated load: 20kg

$10.00+GST lighting stand adelaide

Winch-up Lighting Stand 3.5m

1.64 - 3.5m winch-up tower stand with 35mm spigot.

T-Bar length: 1.22m

Maximum load: 45kg

Stand weight: 10.4kg

Base radius 0.92m

$15.00+GST lighting stand, winch-up, t-bar, hire, rent, Adelaide, event lighting

Winch-up Lighting Stand 4.0m

1.74 - 4.0m winch-up tower stand with 35mm spigot.

Maximum load: 85kg

Stand weight: 27kg

Base width when extended: 1.49m


Winch-up Lighting Tower 4.8m  

1.95 - 4.8m winch-up tower stand with 35mm spigot.

Maximum load: 150kg

Stand weight: 63kg

Base width when extended: 2.13m

$45.00+GST Winch-up tower stand

T-Bar Lighting Bar 

48mm plain round bar, 1.2m width.

35mm fitting

$5.00+GST Lighting bar, t-bar, light stand

T-ADAPT Truss Stand Adaptor 

Mount 290mm truss securely on tower stand.

35mm fitting 

$5.00+GST Truss, stand, adapter, adaptor

Adjustable Truss Stand Adaptor

Mount 290 or 305mm truss on winch-up stand.

35mm fitting

"H" Pattern Floor Lighting Stand $3.00+GST

Tri-Truss 3.0m section

290mm Tri-truss.  Quick connect with conical coupling pins (supplied)

4 sections available to construct  3, 6, 9 or 12m truss lengths.

$20.00+GST tri-truss, trussing, lighting truss, truss bridge

Inverted Tri-Truss Stand Adaptor

290mm Tri-truss.  Suits lighting stand with 35mm diameter post.

Allows lights to be hung from the one central bar, ensuring an even load distribution on the winch-up stands.

$5.00+GST Inverted tri-truss adaptor

Tri-Truss 2.0m section

Tour-Truss 305mm Tri-truss.  M12 bolt connection (supplied)

4 sections available to construct  2, 4, 6 or 8m truss lengths.

$12.00+GST tri-truss, global, truss bridge, winch-up truss, lighting truss

Inverted Tri-Truss Stand Adaptor

305mm Tri-truss.  Suits lighting stand with 35mm diameter post.

Allows lights to be hung from the one central bar, ensuring an even load distribution on the winch-up stands.

$5.00+GST truss adaptor

Quad Truss 0.4m section

Global F34, 290mm box truss.  Quick connect with conical coupling pins (supplied) 

2 sections available.

$8.00+GST box truss, quad truss, event lighting, hire, adelaide

Quad Truss 1.5m section

Chauvet 290mm box truss.  Quick connect with conical coupling pins (supplied) 

2 sections available.

$12.00+GST Quad truss

Quad Truss 2.0m section

Global F34, 290mm box truss.  Quick connect with conical coupling pins (supplied) 

6 sections available.

$15.00+GST Quad truss

Quad Truss 2.5m section

Global F34, 290mm box truss.  Quick connect with conical coupling pins (supplied) 

8 sections available.

$18.00+GST Quad truss

Quad Truss 90 degree corner

Global F34, 290mm box truss.  Quick connect with conical coupling pins (supplied) 

0.5m external dimension.

$15.00+GST Quad truss

Truss Top Plate 30cm

Aluminium, suit 290mm box truss.

Used to mount a moving head light on a truss pillar.

$5.00+GST truss, end, plate, hire, rent, adelaide, light, tower, trussing

Truss Base Plate 61cm

Aluminium, suit 290mm box truss or tri-truss.

$10.00+GST truss, base, plate, trussing, lighting, stage, spotlight, hire, adelaide

Truss Base Plate 76cm

Aluminium, suit 290mm box truss or tri-truss.

$12.00+GST truss, base, foot, plate, light, tower, trussing, hire, adelaide

Steel Base Plate 60cm

Suit 290mm box truss or tri-truss.

20kg weight.


Steel Base Plate 80cm

Suit 290mm box truss or tri-truss.

29.5kg weight.

$18.00+GST truss, baseplate, footplate, hire, adelaide

Light Emotion HyperDrive Laser 

150mW Red-Green laser. DMX control or auto sound activated.

$30.00+GST Laser hire adelaide

Light Emotion ThunderboltB Laser 

400mW Blue laser. DMX control or auto sound activated.


TL-40 Blacklight Pro

36W 4' ultraviolet fluorescent tube with reflector fitting and end brackets.

Fitted with the highest efficiency Philips TL-D 36W/BLB bulb.

8 units available.


glow light, blacklight, hire, adelaide

UV Black-light Cannon

400W discharge lamp with hanging bracket.

2 units available.

$28.00+GST UV blacklight cannon ultraviolet

ACME 1500W DMX Strobe Light and Ignitor

High power strobe light and matching DMX Ignitor that can control up to four (4) strobe lights. The ignitor contains ten pre-programmed chase patterns and provides fader control of strobe intensity and speed, single flash and full flash buttons and auto or sound activated modes.

4 units available.

$30.00+GST for

one Strobe, Ignitor

and cable. 

Additional strobes


atomic, strobe, dmx, 1500W, 3000W, strobe light

ANTARI Z-800II Portable Fog Machine

Small format fog machine, capable of continuous fog output.  Powerful, long-lasting fog effect for live events or video production. Includes remote control and full tank of smoke fluid.  3,000 cu.ft/min. 240V, 800W operation.

2 units available.

$30.00+GST smoke fog haze machine atmospheric effect hire rental adelaide

ANTARI Fazer Z-350

Small format haze machine suitable for medium sized venues. Produces a fine, almost invisible haze that can create stunning visible light beams from lasers, effect and moving head lights. Control using DMX or wired remote control.  Includes full tank of water based haze fluid.

2 units available.


haze hazer smoke machine hire adelaide


The M-7 Jet Fogger produces powerful vertical bursts of fog coloured with the in-built LED lighting. It's compact footprint makes this unit ideal for use as a dramatic stage effect. The Amber/Red lighting produces a spectacular flame like effect. Control using DMX or wireless remote control. Includes full tank of water based fog fluid.

5 units available.

$50.00+GST ea

antari, M7, M7RGBA, jet fog, flame, fogger, vertical, smoke, column

ANTARI HZ-500 Oil-based Hazer

Professional concert haze machine with a large 3,000 cu. ft/min capacity suitable for larger halls, venues, film shoots etc. Produces a fine, silky haze effect that brings out the best in any stage or club lighting scheme. Control by DMX or timer mode. Includes full tank of oil based haze fluid.

Dimensions: L 490 x W 351 x H 338,   Weight: 31.5kg

2 units available.

$85.00+GST concert haze, cracker, jem hazer, oil hazer, hire, adelaide

ANTARI ICE-101 Low Lying Fog Machine

This machine uses normal party ice to cool the smoke and create a dense low lying fog effect similar in appearance to true dry ice fog. This machine is the best choice for theatrical use as it is more convenient and economical to create fog for longer periods of time. Operates via DMX or remote control (included). Includes a full tank of smoke fluid.

Client to provide own party ice (unit uses approx. 2 bags)

Not allowed in the major hotel ballrooms for weddings.

2 units available.


'Pea Souper' Dry Ice Fog Machine

True dry ice fog effect as used for weddings. Compact machine suitable for most wedding venues.  Does not set-off smoke alarms. Full load of dry ice lasts 5-10 minutes depending on conditions. Operates from a standard 10A power outlet.

Includes wheeled trolley plate to suit machine.

The extension nozzle and flexible hose shown here are only included if specifically requested (not normally required).

$100.00+GST 'Pea Souper' Dry Ice Fog Machine

 Professional Dry Ice Fog Machine

True dry ice fog effect as used for weddings. High output machine suitable for the large hotel ballrooms.  Does not set-off smoke alarms. 10kg dry ice capacity that lasts 5-10 minutes. Requires 15A power supply to operate.
Not for public hire,­ trade only.  

See Weddings page to book the complete dry ice fog service including machine, dry ice and trained operator.

$100.00+GST Dry Ice Fog Machine

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