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Q: Can I visit your shop?

A: 20Sound is a mobile service and doesn't operate a shop front as such. All major items that are available for hire are (or soon will be) pictured on the website. If you can't see what you are looking for just ask!

Q: I tried the mobile numbers but no one answered.

A: When we are working as sound engineers on a job we will often turn our mobile phones off for the duration of the performance. Thank you for your understanding. Please send a text message or email us your query.

Q: Do you hire cordless lapel microphones?

A: We do have some available for recording / TV show type applications, however for live sound reinforcement where the presenter/performer needs both hands free, we strongly recommend the use of cordless headset microphones due to their vastly better performance in a live sound situation.

Q: I am organising a community concert and don't know what equipment I will need - what do I do?

A: Simply let us know about your function and the proposed date and we will be able to help you work out your requirements and come up with a firm quote.

Q: The venue where my event is to be held already has a PA system installed, why would I need to hire anything else?

A: The installed PA systems found in many venues around town are typically designed for low level background music and the occasional vocal announcement. They are generally not suitable for use by visiting musicians or performing artists. The PA systems we hire are full range systems and do provide the necessary musical qualities, dynamic range and features that musicians require.

Q: The venue staff are saying we must use their preferred AV supplier - do I have to?

A: The larger venues often have a business arrangement with a single preferred AV supplier. You are under no obligation to use their services and can engage the supplier of your choice. We know most of these preferred suppliers and have worked cooperatively with them on occasions.

Q: The band that we are hiring for our function supplies their own equipment - why would we need you?

A: Many bands only have enough gear to play at pubs and private parties. Hiring them to play at a function for 300-400 people will require the use of additional sound equipment to say nothing of a suitable lighting rig to really bring the show to life.

Q: Can the PA system you are supplying for the band also be used for speeches from a lectern and sound from our Powerpoint presentation?

A: Yes, we can supply a premium quality gooseneck microphone for the lectern and a laptop connection for minimal extra charge. We usually keep a couple of channels free on the mixing desk for just such an occasion.

Q: How do I install Festoon Lights?

A: Download the pdf instructions here.

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